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"Over $2,000,000,000 In Unclaimed Money Paid Out in 2020?? Are You Owed Any Money??

Altamonte Springs, FL - Different government entities are currently withholding billions of dollars that have been declared as Unclaimed, Lost, or Abandoned. Government agencies such as the PBGC, FHA, IRS, Insurance Companies, Banks, and others may be holding money that rightfully belongs to you. These entities make a minimal effort to contact the proper owners of these funds. You may be entitled to funds you may not be aware are available. Chances are 1 in 5 people are entitled to these funds, however, do not know how to proceed to recover them.

Has your home been foreclosed?
You may be owed money!
Ever had a bank account?
You may be owed money!
Loved one passed away?
Insurance may owe you money!
Safety Deposit Box?
Bank may owe you contents!
Quit or got fired from a job?
Employer may owe you money!
Refinanced your home?
Title Co. may owe you escrows!

Upfront Cost? None.
If we don't recover anything, you don't pay anything

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